A bit about Chives

Watercolor painting of Chives (c)2019 Dish Vegan
Watercolor of chives blooming.

A bit of chives adds flavor to dishes. I don’t use this herb a lot, but there is nothing like a baked potato slathered in vegan sour cream and garnished with bits of chives. This herb is mainly used in potato dishes, salads, sauces, dips, stocks and soups. It’s a nice garnish to liven things up, and give a little burst of flavor.

Chives are in the Allium family of species. The Allium family also include onions, garlic, leeks and shallots. There are regular and garlic chives. Chives have an earthy and mild onion flavor. Garlic chives, like the name implies, have the flavor of garlic.

The picture above is one of my first watercolors. I like when chives are in bloom. The simple, long, green leaves and stems surprisingly seem to play with the light; and, just like their flavor, capture depth. The puffy flowers playfully burst from the stems. The blossoms come in colors of violet and purple flowers. The bonus of chives is that their blossoms are edible, too!

Watercolors of flowering herbs.

Show Your Unique View

The wonderful thing about art is that it is truly an expression of how someone can view things. When painting this I thought about the uncomplicated leaves that took on the shadows and light, and that made the greens look like many shades. Highlighting the earthiness of the pot to bring solidness. This contrasts the puffy, light, playful blossoms on top.

Have Fun at Mealtimes, Think like an Artist

You are determining, with your personality, in the way you cook and present your meals. Those making the same meal and using the same recipe might have a similar outcome, but your input makes it your creation. It could be adding another ingredient, a topping or garnish, or simply the way you plate the food, or decorate the table. It’s up to you to to determine what you want to focus on and how you want to display that. Each person creating art or meals will have their unique way of presenting. When you are preparing meals and serving them think like an artist; play, experiment, and have fun each time. Make mealtime something to look forward to.

A bit about chives _watercolor + digital
Watercolor enhanced digitally to create a different impression.

Art and Creativity is Showing Appreciation

I hope you’ll join me in looking for the beauty and art in food. Cooking and creating recipes is an art, but there is art in food, cooking and presenting meals. When I draw, paint, or photograph food, I think it shows appreciation and gratitude in living a healthy lifestyle. Art and cooking are creative outlets. For me, it is my way of expressing how I feel about the things I enjoy and highlighting the beauty of vegan foods and cooking. I hope you’ll join me in this adventure.

Wishing you a wonderful day!

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