Eat Healthy Cake

Eat Healthy Cake

Cakes of the Past

I want you to eat cake. Yes, it’s true! But I want you to eat healthy cake! There is a huge difference in eating a healthy cake packed with fruit and seeds vs. sugar and preservatives. Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you skip the cake.

Remember, way back when? For some of us (ahem) it’s been a little longer time than others. Remember, when you couldn’t wait to get another candle on your cake? Remember, when you couldn’t wait to eat cake? No guilt. No doubts. No regrets. Ahhhh…. the freedom of childhood!

What we didn’t know, didn’t hurt. Or did it? Knowing how bad processed food is for health has changed the way I feel about this. I know that some people struggle with resisting sugary processed cakes, but I’d rather eat cardboard.

Healthy Ingredients Make a Tasty Cake

The cakes I eat now are delicious and mouth watering; but unlike the cakes of yesteryear, they are healthy. Cakes can have the best healthy ingredients or the worst health-taking ingredients The choice is yours. You can still have the fun and the flavor of cakes without all the junk. I think cakes are fun and it’s nice to have treats! I just choose healthy, “good for you” type cakes.

Yummy on the Inside and Outside

I certainly wasn’t vegan and gluten free when I turned 7 years old (way back when). Mouthfuls of powdery sugary cake was exciting. Now it doesn’t seem good at all. I remember eating something sugary years ago and I couldn’t believe how sickeningly sweet it tasted. After cleaning up my diet, junk food had lost it’s taste and it’s appeal. A highly processed cake doesn’t seem appetizing at all to me now. However, that doesn’t mean I’ve given up yummy desserts! Now, my standards have risen. I want cake that is yummy on the inside and the outside. The saying “pretty is, as pretty does” is so true. So, I’m not giving up desserts or cakes! And neither should you! Eat healthy cake!

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