Vegan Salmon Roll with Feta Cheese

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If you love vegan seafood (I sure do!), and want a fresh creamy taste, you will not want to miss making this amazing vegan salmon roll recipe! The best part is that if you prepare ahead of time, by making the vegan lox and feta, it is very easy to make. With a little prep work, you can easily prepare these Vegan Salmon Rolls for your next meal. It looks and tastes like you worked extra hard on it.

Amazing vegan salmon roll


First, take your peeled cucumber strips, and line them on a sushi making mat. Don’t worry about perfection. Just lay them over each other so there is no spaces.

Then take your feta cheese and spread it all over the cucumber. Then sprinkle dill over the cheese. The next step is taking the vegan lox and putting a thin layer over everything.

Steps to making vegan salmon rolls.

Once the lox is in place, it is time to roll. Literally! You are now going to start at one end and roll it all until the end. Place the seam (messy side) down on the plate or patter.

They look really pretty and taste amazing! Lots of nutrition packed in these rolls. It’s a wonderful way to eat carrots, cucumbers, and almonds or sunflower seeds. Healthy food that is attractive and tasty makes it easy to eat, right?

Vegan salmon roll with red kale salad

SERVING TIPS: You can serve these amazing vegan salmon rolls as one big roll (like burrito style), cut in half, or even in multiple slices.

One Raw Vegan Salmon Roll and Red Kale Salad on a white plate on a white and black placemat

Amazing Vegan Salmon Roll

Vegan salmon roll stuffed cucumber filled with feta cheese, dill, and lox.
Course Appetizer, dinner, lunch
Cuisine Seafood
Servings 2


  • Bamboo Mat (optional)


  • 2 large cucumbers
  • 8 oz almond feta cheese see notes
  • 6 oz vegan carrot lox see notes
  • 1 1/2 tsp dill


  • Wash and peel cucumbers. Peel long slices (peel only until reaching the seeded part on all sides – do not use seeded part) and put down on bamboo rolling mat or saran wrap. Place cucumber so that they are overlapping.
  • Evenly spread feta cheese, in a layer, over the cucumber. Sprinkle dill over the feta cheese.
  • Take the carrot lox and place a thin layer over the feta cheese layer.
  • Start rolling by lifting one end of the mat or saran wrap. Continue to roll until the end.
  • Place the end (seam) side down on the plate or platter. Dollop with feta cheese and garnish with chopped red bell pepper. Serve.


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