Light House by the Sea

Dish Vegan _ Watercolor enhanced digitally of Lighthouse by the Sea

Vegan food lights my way…. to good health! Vegan seafood makes me feel coastal, again. I painted this picture of the “Light House by the Sea” in watercolors. Later, I digitally enhanced it to give it texture.

Recipes are like that. You can make something you like, and even love, but then later on, you add something to it and it changes. Neither recipe is better than the other, you like them both, but sometimes you prefer one over the other. Having choices to mix and match things pushes creativity forward.

Lately, I’ve been displaying my vegan seafood recipes. I enjoy different cuisines. Any cuisine you can find can become vegan. There really are no limits to vegan cooking. And that is my point in this blog. To show that it’s okay to experiment, make mistakes, mix and match, discover, create, and flourish in vegan cooking, preparation, and serving.

When you look at this light house by the sea, remember that you can do this! Practice, and have fun, making new things. My husband has this quote that he says when I ask him to try a new food experiment (he loves to be the taste-tester), “You can’t have new favorites, if you don’t try new things.”

It’s true! Our food favorites are constantly changing. And that is good! It’s important to eat a variety of different types of foods for good nutrition. I remember reading somewhere that the average person just rotates the same 7 – 10 meals over and over again. Some people eat the same 5 meals over and over each week with not much variation. It can easily happen as we are all so busy, but try to add at least one day per week when you try something new.

If you’d like some inspiration, try the recipe index or the new menus page.

Happy cuisine!

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