Coastal Inspiration Menu

This menu was created with my imagination. I dreamed of the perfect little restaurant by the sea. The sun is going down and making a beautiful sunset with an array of golden colors. The water is dancing with sparkles of sunshine. The sturdy wooden table displays beautiful, tasty food. The good conversation brings a low hum of happiness that fills the room.

Have you been to a restaurant like this? Mine (in my imagination) has huge floor to ceiling windows that capture the above view. The restaurant is on the water, and you get to it by parking behind the shoreline and then walking on a pier over the water. The railing on the wide pier is big, anchor chains wrapped around pier posts. There may even be an actual big anchor perched nearby! Each step down the pier takes us into the coastal charm of sea and sail.

When entering the restaurant, it can’t help but to be noticed that it has big plank, wooden floors and huge oil gorgeous paintings of the coast, sailing, and sea adventure.

Speaking of sail! Keep gazing out the window! Did you notice the sailboats? As you are cozily, sitting there enjoying the food and conversation, you look at the calming view. Relaxed and content. Savoring the flavors of the meal. Dazzled by the sunset horizon, is when you notice a few lingering sailboats coming ashore.

And that was my imagination for this meal. What would I choose to eat at this place? What would make the perfect meal? The above menu is the meal I came up with.

Get the Complete Coastal Inspiration Menu

Don’t worry! Imagination is only the first place things start. The fun part is making the dream come true! Right now, you will find two things ( Soup – Chesapeake Fish Chowder. Salad – Red Kale & Avocado w/ Beet Vinaigrette.) on this menu already have recipes posted.

The rest of the recipes are coming. So, keep coming back for the complete Coastal Inspiration Menu recipes! And get ready for a vegan seafood adventure!

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